We are Daniel and Danielle. This is the Happily Unmarried podcast.

Who Are We?

We live in the San Francisco Bay Area, have been together since 2015, have two children and recently just bought our first home. Both of us have careers in Tech, and we maintain busy schedules while spending quality time with our family.

Like most couples we find that we are faced with a lot of decisions. Decisions about our relationship, our children, and our careers. We found that we spend a lot of time discussing our options to ensure that we make the best possible decisions for our family. One day, in the middle of a discussion we wondered if other couples would find value in our approach.

Our mission is to provide insight into decisions that a lot of couple’s face, inspire communication and learn from our audience. We are living our best life and we want you to live yours, too!


We use two Behringer Ultravoice XM8500 Dynamic microphones for recording our voices. These microphones are probably the price to performance kings in the market. Both are mounted with Rycote 44901 Invision Shock Mounts and Rode PSA1 Microphone Boom Arms. For a clearer sound we use Auphonix Microphone Pop Filters and Foam Ball-Type Windscreens. Yes, our mounting hardware costs easily an order of magnitude more than our microphones. The microphones hook up to the PC with a Behringer U-PHORIA UMC202HD USB audio interface, but we are currently considering upgrading to a RODE RodeCaster Pro. We use two Bayerdynamic DT 990 PRO together with a small multi-channel headphone amp for monitoring our recording. The actual audio recording is done with Audacity.

For our video recording we use an iPhone XS with an attached 0.4X wide angle lens, mounted to a smartphone video rig, which is attached to a simple tripod. We also have a high power LED light fixed to the rig for some additional lighting.

We edit our video and audio using DaVinci Resolve and run the audio for both the video and the audio-only podcast through Auphonic for post-processing.